Doing and Running Missions on #EAV could be a Win Win Win Situation!

mission3This article is only interesting for people who want:

1 Earning eaves by Doing Missions (> Mission Do’ers)

2 Want to expand their Portfolio and Shareholders (>Mission Runners and Do’ers)

3 Want to increase their EA Networkscore (>Mission Runners and Do’ers)

4 Want to  increase their daily own Dividend Payout  to others (which will give you more shareholders ofcourse) (>Mission Runners and Do’ers)

For people who are completly new on the Avenue, watch this short intro video regarding Missions by Dr Michael Haley . After the video I will explain how you get most of it and not only earning Eaves!!

For newstarters who want to be active on Empire Avenue’s  Stockmarket its a must to do missions, this is initional the only way to create Eaves to  invest in your portfolio and attract shareholders, because your daily earnings based on your shareholders is nihil in the beginning . If you want to invest Real Money into this ‘Game’ its another Story. 

When you start doing missions you will earn eaves based on your EA network score, especial for missions that pay more then 10.000 Eaves. So the higher your networkscore the higher your payout on that missions.

Besides earning Eaves on missions  there is more to know >> How to get the Most of it!!


Watching Michael’s Video, you see several steps by doing a mission:

1 Hit the Green Mission Complete Button to go to the ‘task’ the mission runner have defined.

2 The Like Button.

3 You can comment on the Mission.

4 You can leave a positive FeedBack for the Mission after you completed the mission by the Orange Feedback Button

ALL this Steps are important to do, to increase your >>> 1 Activity on Empire Avenue,  2 Shareholders, 3 EA Networkscore and 4 your daily dividend Pay-Out to your shareholders.

-The daily dividend you pay to your Shareholders  only on your EA network is based on : your EA networkscore, your total EAv activity, The positive feedbacks you received, the mentions and comments you received, the likes you received etcetc. >>> The better your Engagement the higher your Networkscore and Payed Dividend to others.

-By Doing the mission task more then expected and By liking, commenting and leave  a positive feedback:

>> you attract the Mission Runner to invest in you, leave positive Feedback as well   

>> also other  Mission Do’ers will see you and will invest in you!!!  

>> Expanding Your Shareholders

Based on my own experience and looking around in the mission world, you see a lot of mission Do’ers:  Who Never Do the Tasks, never liked a mission, never comment and offcourse never rated the mission with a positive Feedback >>> Only take the eaves.

Thats also why we see a lot of restricted missions around !

I hope that this article will make some more clear to create a more engaging and interacting  mission world, its for everybody better and certainly for you!



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24 Responses to Doing and Running Missions on #EAV could be a Win Win Win Situation!

  1. kentuckygal50 says:

    WOOHOO! Great article, Gerrit. I’m learning more about EA every day and LOVING every minute of it!

  2. This is such a good article, Gerrit! I guess I have to set up my own system for places to save great Eav resources to point out to newbies….. *sighs* 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on Empire Avenue Challenges and Sucesses and commented:
    Ok, Ok. Starting another set of cliffnotes 🙂

  4. Kamal says:

    Excellent post Gerrit. Can’t agree more on the many benefits of doing missions. Cheers.

  5. rfrank533 says:

    Great article on empire avenue missions and video was good as well. I know when I got started, I didn’t understand how to rate a mission, I think a lot of people do not. I also noticed on investment missions that you have to refresh the page in order to rate. Thanks for educating us all on EAV, it’s very helpful! 🙂

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