How to create a more enjoyable Empire Avenue for Newstarters?

As I wrote in my article Supporting Newstarters on Empire Avenue #EAv , I started a new account (e)EAVDAILYTIPS as a Newbie, to see how its to be nowadays!

Based on this experience, I write this article because I really think that there are needed some changes on the Avenue to create a more enjoyable place for newstarters and to keep growing the social media network ‘Empire Avenue’ .  Nowadays the amount of active newstarters accounts are decreasing every day, unfortunatly!


As you saw in my earlier article We are Living in a mobile world! Is that True for Empire Avenue?  I concluded that Empire Avenue is not ready yet and am sure, it will be a “Show Stopper” for many people who joined the Avenue recently!!

Besides that, there are more things, thats why I  write this article!

Is anybody reading this

How is it with the newstarters on the Avenue nowadays ?

Looking deeper into the quality of newstarters last period we see: (I made some % to make things clear)

  1. Accounts who think Empire Avenue is a kind of advertisement site, they start an accountempire_avenue and thats it.  (+/- 12%)
  2. A lot of accounts start without any action, no profile picture etc etc, one of the reasons for that I mentioned already; with mobile devices on Empire Avenue you stop pretty quick. There are also people who planned to be active later!! (+/- 60%).
  3. Great accounts with awesome social media networks, who are not starting to be active on the Avenue, they apparently looking to expand there networks further with real contacts, beats me what they are doing on the Avenue! (+/-  2%)
  4. Nice accounts who started with enthousiasm, but within the next days/weeks they stop being active !! (+/- 26%)

Looking to group 2 and 4, you expect there could be a grow in active accounts!  but looking to the real situation; from the 500 newstarters in Januari, there are maybe a handfull still active!!

mission3After my opinion you only can succeed and have fun on the Avenue, when you are active on the stockmarket to make Wealth, make new contacts, doing and running missions and offcourse the gamification element on Empire Avenue, which was  the  glue to bring and keep the Empire Avenue people together.

And that is  just the point nowadays, the gamification element is less or gone!!

When you are  a newstarter, you will see almost from the beginning, that there is a very BIG Gap between most active people who are already on Empire Avenue and you. OK  you are just started!

Most active accounts are apparently wealthy enough to Buy 4000 shares in one account, while you only can have 200 shares in the beginning!

Further looking to the Leaderboards you think ….

WOW here are some  enormously gaps ! How long will take this to even compete a little with these accounts! a Month? a Year? Years? pfffffff….

You also see your earnings from  the stockmarket are very low and have to makewealth the conclusion that you have other things todo, because without Wealth you better stop, thats what you already learned!!

When you looked around there are 2 options for you to create Wealth to start doing your own actions,  investing in people on the stockmarket, maybe run your own missions to support your own social media and to make a quicker start:

Well most people don’t pay real money when they just started on Empire Avenue, We all know already!!!

So they start doing missions as much as possible with only one Goal, making Wealth!

If you have already your own audience on the social media, you don’t want to do actions/tasks which doesn’t fit in your strategy. Thats one of the reasons why most people don’t complete the missions. Another reason is that newstarters don’t understand missions and  the benefits you can achieve written in my article Doing and Running Missions on #EAV could be a Win Win Win Situation!

eav NoobAnother effect you see nowadays, because of the possibility people can buy 4000 shares in your stock, your Share Price is shooting to the roof when you have an interesting Social Media activity and because of that, your daily dividend you pay to them is high enough. (for example; the shareprice from my newbie account reached 400 within 5 weeks, while my senior account started in 2012 reach this Shareprice within almost a year).

BUT Later on when your less interesting for your shareholders you can go deep down too.

Also you see a negative trading effect during the first 7th days a newstarter is born and get already sold the second day, while she/he planned to be active on day 3! Regarding this trading effect I wrote recently Why should you sell Newstarters before their 9th Day?

This all can be pretty or even very Discouraging!

Possible solutions to make Empire Avenue a better place for newstarters!

My possible solutions are, to bring more balance into  the earnings from the stockmarket Solution-Balland mission market. Instead doing tons of missions to create  Wealth, give newstarters more wealth from the stockmarket during their begin period.  Also give them some protection during there first period (learning period) after they joined Empire Avenue.

My Suggestions:

Protection for newstarters:

  1. Newstarters can not be sold their first Week, (to give people, who start later in the week for example day 3 or 4, a bit room and not be sold on the second day to discourage..)
  2. After there first week they only can be sold if they didn’t have shares in you .
  3. After 3 weeks shareholders can decide.

Give Newstarters more wealth from the stockmarket during the begin period

Earnings from dividends and commission are outdated and should be updated to the current situation / stockmarket.

Now you receive 50% commission when you get bought till your outstanding shares are 20.000
When your pretty enthousiastic and have a nice Social Media this 20.000 is reached half your first day, people invest 200 + 200 dessert = thats 50 shareholders.
When you sell more then 20.000 outstanding shares, you only receive 10%.

See the information in the Faqs:


My suggestion>>> This should be updated to much higher outstanding shares (Because people can buy 4000 shares nowadays in one account) or maybe better measure it on the age of an account, for example 50% during your first 9 days to have more fun and earnings/profit on Day 7.  After that period the commission can by decreased with several steps.

Higher daily dividend payout to Newstarters during there begin period

Because newstarters are poor and can’t affort buying higher shares in their portfolio they almost earn nothing during their first period, they better Do 1 high payed mission and they have more!

My Suggestion >>> Make the earnings for newstarters based on their portfolio higher during there first period.

For example: The first week they receive higher dividends from the accounts they invested in:  week 1 10x Div, week 2 5x Div , week 3 3x Div, week 4 2x Div ,  after a month normal,  exept they pay real dollars and have bought upgrades in the shop.

Besides my suggestions mentioned above, it would also be advisable to renew the current bonus system when new achievements are reached!!


Hope you will comment on this post to give your opinion, ideas, and possible solutions to create a better Avenue!! Because I think its needed……


About promote4you

25 years ICT knowledge as technician, manager, sales, enterpreneur. Last year turned a complete other (social)direction to support Asylum seekers around the world. Very interested in the new social media environments and love to network. Start to promote your business through my social media network at
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34 Responses to How to create a more enjoyable Empire Avenue for Newstarters?

  1. Robert Frank says:

    That is a Fantastic article Gerrit, you really have a deep understanding of EAv and have a very analytical mind. You have been around for long enough to know if things are changing.

    I look at EAv just like anything else, there is an 80/20 rule. That means that about 20% of the people that get involved with Empire Avenue will be really involved and the other 80% will piddle around and then eventually drop off. You see this in the building of any type of organization, church, network marketing business and even brick & mortar businesses. But then you can apply the 80/20 rule again and you will find 4-5% that are completely involved and taking full advantage of the platform. When you know the numbers then it’s all good.

    I think you’ve made a really good point about mobile. Does EAv have a mobile app? A mobile app could be very helpful, as many people do all of their social media on their smart phones.

    Increasing payouts in the beginning as well could be good encouragement for a new person getting started.

    I think more instructions/tutorials would be good, these could even pay eaves as completed like the eaves you earn when going through the set up process.

    I have found your site to be quite helpful in filling the gap of instruction. I do appreciate all that you do for all of us at EAv!

  2. Tom Laing says:

    Reblogged this on Laitom's Blog and commented:
    Thanks Gerrit

  3. Sure would like to find a way to minimize the ‘wall spam’ that I see. So much is lengthy, difficult to understand and often has a threatening tone. Seems really unwelcoming to new players.

    The worst example seems to be:

    “NOTE I Invest in 100% of Newcommers to Empire Ave., if youd like to keep That Investment, a Reasonable Investment is >10% of My Investment in you, 5-10 shares at a time, for a 3000 share investment, that is >=200 shares for you – Otherwise I am Likely to Sell you…”

    • promote4you says:

      Agreed Harold its becoming a kind of powerplay on a threatening tone!

      What you also see, because shareprices are going to the roof on day 7. Your Shareprice could be easy much higher then older accounts, for example 1 or 2 year old. They should have built up some Wealthe and expect from stocks with a higher Share price that you need to match at least!!!!!! Impossible when you just 2 weeks onboard!!

    • Robert Frank says:

      I definitely agree Harold! 🙂

  4. kentuckygal50 says:

    Speaking as a ‘toddler’ EAer, (not a complete noob, but not experienced either) I personally have had a wonderful experience on EA. But I know not everyone has felt the same. Some changes of the types you have suggested may well keep more of the new, rarin’ to go players active for longer periods of time.

  5. DES Daughter says:

    This is a very interesting post explaining really well the actual situation ;
    a) described with the knowledge of an expert player
    b) while seen through the eyes of a new joiner.
    I agree it would make complete sense to adjust the earnings and % received when shares are bought. As EA changed their algo several times (to adapt for better calculations of divs produced) since they started. I do not understand why EA never adapted the earnings calculations (divs income).
    On the other hand, when we started, there were no missions at all and to my opinion it was much harder to create “quick cash”… we had to buy eaves or trade… a lot…
    So at least the n00bs can create cash, but with new pies getting added so regularly, the n00bs road to reaching a comfortable zone of game became a very long one…
    With thanks for pointing this out!

  6. promote4you says:

    Thanks Dom, for your Feedback and also expert insight! Hoping not only Experts will see this issues but also EAv_Dev and management!

  7. Kamal says:

    A lot of great suggestions Gerrit. Thank you.

  8. I enjoy EA from time to time… as I am doing at the moment.

    When I look back I find I leave when the “politics” come into play… when they don’t exist, things are better. so I suppose a “negative free” zone is best.

  9. Chris Evans says:

    Top, top article mate. I wasn’t aware that so many of the ‘big boys’ were inactive in the community – a great shame really. Let’s hope the newer members make more of an effort!

  10. Great post. The changes have been getting better, but I started a business account in addition to my personal account recently, and have had a similar experience. Thanks!

  11. Reblogged this on Greatpoetrymhf's Weblog and commented:
    Creative points to contemplate ThX

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