Happy 1st Birthday Leaders

empire2It’s time for a party!

All leaders will earn double dividends on other leaders AND pay double dividends — meaning they’ll collect x8 for every leader they own now through March 31.

Not a leader? You’ll collect double dividends on any leaders you own. PLUS, if you join leaders now, you’ll get all the pie up to 37, earn these bonus dividends, and get all the other extras in the Leader’s Ultimate Upgrade.

HURRY – no new Leaders will be accepted after April 10th.


Lynn O’Connell Recapt all the News from last night as follows:

“Lots of big news went up tonight!
1) Happy Birthday Leaders! You’ll get double dividends on other leaders AND pay double dividends through March 31. That means leaders collect x8 on leaders you own. Plus, anyone who OWNS leaders will earn double dividends, so everyone benefits.

2) All leaders now have Pie 37 and Pie 38 is on sale for vees or $15 in Leader Shop. For non-leaders, the current pie is now available for eaves and next pie is on sale for $30.

3) New package — TurboCharge Your Ticker — just went on sale for $100 for leaders or 10,000 vees. It is also available to non-leaders for $150. This one is a biggie… you can earn dividends on 3,000 more tickers. (So, if you currently earn on 5,000 tickers, it will increase you to 8,000. If you earn 7,000 with Gold Premium plan, it will increase you to 10,000.) PLUS, you’ll get 10 portfolio upgrades, 5 million eaves and 500 Even More Desserts. Only available until April 10.

4) And the biggest news of allLeaders will be CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS on April 10th. The community will continue and leaders will continue to get double dividends and discounts. Just no one else can join after that. So if you want to lock in the double dividends, bonuses on missions, 5 million eaves, 500 Even More Desserts, 20 scheduled and 20 promoted missions, go to the shop and buy the Ultimate Leaders Upgrade ASAP.

P.S. The two packages are a huge benefit for newer players – make sure they know about the limited time deal. Both end on April 10th.”


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