Thursday EK Investment Tips

EK Stars

I came across a few EK stars whose prices have shot up recently, I think they still represent a good investment.

Star 1 – Rex Dow

Rex has been active on EK since November 2013. His shares have recently sky-rocketed . . . as you can see in the screenshot of his 90-Day share price below. Disclosure – I hold 1,500 of Rex’s shares.

Rex Dow EK share price

The chart below shows how Rex’s shares stand today.

Name Price Divs Yield Port folio Joined EK score
Rex Dow 1029.16 0.75 0.73 2814 Nov ’13 61

Star 2 Rock the Retweet

Kevin Green;s Rock the Retweet account has also done very well in the past few weeks as you can see from the 90-Day chart screenshot and table below.

Rock the Retweet share price

Disclosure – I hold 1,300 of these shares.

Name Price Divs Yield Port folio Joined EK score
RockTheReTweet LLC 1408.97 1.11 0.79 12642 Aug ’14 55

Update on Yesterday

Ria Dess Salas Santos is worth an update all to herself – An amazing start. Check out her EK Acivity level. Disclosure – I hold 600 of Ria’s shares.

Name Day # Port folio Net works EK score
Ria Dess Salas Santos 2 108 7 1 *****



Phil Turner –  (e)MAXXER

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