Thank You Gerrit – First Post by Phil Turner

I would like to thank Gerrit Bes (e)promote4you for all his research and tips over the past 2-3 years. I know that I have found his advice extremely helpful since I joined the site in August and many of you have benefited over a much longer timeframe.

Thank you Gerrit – You’re the best.

Gerrit has kindly agreed to the idea of me taking over the admin of EavDailyTips. I will try my best to keep up the standard he has set.

Things might be a bit different and I ask for your patience while I settle into this new role. I am in Ireland, so I work to GMT. I think evening updates are going to work best for me, but that might vary.

Feedback and suggestions appreciatedPhil Turner (e)MAXXER

Thanks for your support,

Phil Turner (e)MAXXER


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3 Responses to Thank You Gerrit – First Post by Phil Turner

  1. What a wonderful idea to take over Gerrit’s daily tips for EmpireKred. It is true, for years all of us have profited from his helpful advice.

    Congrats, Phil, and I wish you all the best. Count me in to keep following you!

  2. promote4you says:

    Wishing you Good Luck and fun Phil!

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