Empire Avenue in a Nutshell!

If your not on Empire Avenue Yet! This is the shortest and best  description i found sofar.

My Friend Harold Gardner always find the right words to explain it simple!

Harold's Garden

OK I guess I am nutty enough to be perfectly equipped to give the nutshell overview of Empire Avenue.

The quick overview of EA is that it is a site that is based on evaluating & supporting your social media activity. The currency is eaves. You get eaves by doing missions (SM activity) for others. You get eaves when folks buy your stock. You can purchase eaves also, but most eaves are generated by investing…that is purchasing the stock of folks with strong social media networks. Although my shares are expensive (1436.72 per share), I generate about 2 eaves for every share that you own. A Newbies shares are cheap (less than l00 per share) largely because the social media activity only generates 0.10 or 0.20 eave per share.

You can use eaves to purchase stocks that may generate more eaves for you. I got around 27 Million eaves yesterday. You can…

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About promote4you

25 years ICT knowledge as technician, manager, sales, enterpreneur. Last year turned a complete other (social)direction to support Asylum seekers around the world. Very interested in the new social media environments and love to network. Start to promote your business through my social media network at http://www.promote4you.eu
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3 Responses to Empire Avenue in a Nutshell!

  1. kentuckygal50 says:

    Succint indeed. Brevity is not my strong suit, so I shared this on G+.

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