Empire Avenue Newbie Advice (The Fifth Hour)

OK, so here you are, in the Fifth Hour on the Avenue.  And it is time to talk about ‘missions’.  What are they, what do you do with them, and why are they important?

Let’s start with what missions are …

  • … a way to interact with other players on the avenue
  • … a way to earn money, well eaves
  • … a way to interact with other players on the avenue

Yes, I wrote the interact point twice and on purpose.  Remember, in the Third Hour, we talked about your EAV plan and how you get others to work with and for you.  Well, missions are just the right vehicle for that.

The basic workings of a mission are as follows:
Person A puts up money (eaves) for Person B (and others) to perform a certain task. Person B (and others) perform that task and are rewarded with the eaves.

There are 7 choices when it comes to missions.  Let’s take a closer look at each one.

  • Investment mission
    Someone created a mission for others to invest in a certain ticker, which could be their own or someone else.  Those missions are often done to support newbies and get them started and their name out there, or to thank a certain person for something they have done or, or, or…
    You will sometimes see an investment mission where you are asked to invest in the shares of the mission creator.  This is OK and allowed, but I think it is just an artificial inflation of someones share price, although from another perspective it could allow players with less capital to invest in the bigger fish.
  • Gift mission
    Those are the easiest way to make eaves on the Avenue.  You simply complete the mission without any further interaction and you are awarded the eaves.
  • Survey mission
    Allows for the creation of a survey, responses are rewarded with eaves.  I personally think that this is pretty 19th century.  So, you will have to try it on your own.
  • Visit Tweet
    This type of mission is very popular and quite easy to complete.  You are simply asked to visit someones Tweet and get rewarded with eaves.
  • Visit URL
    This mission is set up to visit a URL, it can be a website, Facebook page, Google + page, etc.  Anything that has a URL is fair game.
  • Visit YouTube Channel
    Visit a YouTube channel and get rewarded with eaves
  • Visit YouTube Video
    Visit a YouTube video and get rewarded with eaves

That is all there is to missions, well almost.  If you noticed all I said above is ‘visit’ and never ‘do’, ‘click’, etc..  That is simply because nobody can force you to do that.  According to Empire Avenue’s Missions FAQ:

While a Mission Description may suggest tasks to a Completer, the only task that a Mission Completer need do is discover and view the content, person or brand. Any further interaction such as to like, share, or purchase etc. is at the discretion of the Mission Completer and should not be forced by the Mission Creator.

And while you may agree with that, please keep in mind that you are trying to create “goodwill” in people and that you don’t want to be known as someone who takes the eaves and runs.  That kind of behavior will spread around the Avenue fairly quickly and result in your share price and shareholder base dropping faster than you can imagine.  So, play nice and do what is suggested in the mission, if you are not sure if the mission is for you, click on the ‘Mission URL’ and not the ‘Complete’ button first.  That will take you to the result of the mission without giving you the eaves, so you can preview the mission and see if it fits you.

We will talk about creating missions in the Sixth Hour, so stay tuned.


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7 Responses to Empire Avenue Newbie Advice (The Fifth Hour)

  1. promote4you says:

    Thanks Torsten, great 5th Hour post! Think and follow the URL link first, before you engage with the mission and more!

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  4. Thanks for the awesome advice.

  5. Torsten Dreier says:

    Thank You all for interacting with this post.

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