Empire Avenue Newbie Advice (The Fourth Hour)

Hello Folks, and my apologies if you waited for this issue on Saturday or Sunday.  But even I need some rest at times and the weekend is as a good a time as any.  But it is Monday morning and we are back on track.

What are we going to talk about today?  Oh yes, the daily things you should do when you are active on Empire Avenue and expect others to be actively investing in you.

  1. Review and answer comments left on your profile page.
    This is as easy as clicking the ‘LIKE’  button underneath the comment or you can leave a reply on any or all comments.  Either way, it shows you are engaged and active.
  2. Check new investors
    Go through the list of people who have bought your shares since your last check.  There will be 2 groups of people, the ones that came back and invested more in you and the ones that are first time investors.  Either case, make sure you but some shares in them and let them know you appreciate their investment by leaving a brief note.
  3. Invest in new people
    Find some people that you want to invest in.  If you look back at The Third Hour article, it shouldn’t be too difficult to decide who to invest in.
  4. Read through the communities you are a member of
    Take a few minutes and check the communities you belong to for new postings.  Maybe you will find just that one piece of information you have been looking for, or maybe you will find that one person to invest in that will change your life.
  5. Complete missions
    Missions are another way of engaging with people.  They will pay you with eaves (the EAV currency) to perform a simple task, i.e. visiting a FB post, a Tweet, website, etc.
    This is a great way to get to know people and in turn increase your spending money.
    Also, completing missions will increase your daily dividends.
  6. Evaluate your networks
    Take a few minutes and check your network scores (click EVALUATE) and see how your various networks are performing.

We will talk about missions in depth in the next issue (The Fifth Hour), so please stay tuned.

And here is a request I have; when you post or comment on any of the articles in this series, please include your EAV ticker.


About Torsten Dreier

WordPress developer and designer. SEO, PPC, Social Media Integration, Online Marketing guru. Follow me on twitter (@GulfToBayWeb), and find me on EAV (e)GulfToBayWeb
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8 Responses to Empire Avenue Newbie Advice (The Fourth Hour)

  1. promote4you says:

    Hope you had a great Weekend Torsten! And thanks for the perfect daily To Do list.. Cheers Gerrit (e)PROMOTE4YOU

  2. Torsten Dreier says:

    That’s why I left Germany a long time ago.

  3. SunbonnetSmart says:

    Reading this e-mail has replaced my morning paper. The news is pertinent and I can trust it. There you go… 🙂 Thanks for ALL YOU DO, Torsten. (e)SUNBONSMART

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