Supporting Newstarters on Empire Avenue #EAv

As more or less Senior Eav’er with my profile (e)PROMOTE4YOU,  I started  a new account (e)EAVDAILYTIPS recently as you may know.

I have 2 reasons for that:

tumbsup1 I needed to separate my daily tips and support for newstarters apart from my Promote4you account, because I have other plans soon with that account…

2 Regarding my experience as more or less senior  on the avenue (since 2011) and the current experience, how less good newstarters there are and how early they stop to be active on the Avenue, I needed to start with a new account to have the current experience as newstarter to give better support for now and in the future.

I will write a couple of posts soon to clear things out and maybe trigger the Empire Avenue Development team to do something around it.

You will finds these articles here


I also contacted Torsten Dreier, who also started a new account recently on the Avenue with (e)GULFTOBAYWEB . He also will write a couple of Posts with his Insight to support Newstarters as soon as they signed-up on the Avenue at hour 1.

Torsten’s posts you will find bundled here

I hope we all together can give the right support to create a better avenue soon,  I think its necessary and it will start ofcourse with a better quality of  enthousiastic newstarters!

Cheers and have a nice Day!


About promote4you

25 years ICT knowledge as technician, manager, sales, enterpreneur. Last year turned a complete other (social)direction to support Asylum seekers around the world. Very interested in the new social media environments and love to network. Start to promote your business through my social media network at
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13 Responses to Supporting Newstarters on Empire Avenue #EAv

  1. DES Daughter says:

    great initiative Gerrit, thank you

  2. Erin Boykin says:

    completely understand #2…thats why I started the (e)EAVWIKI account to help me remember what its like to be a newbie.

  3. Kamal says:

    Good one Gerrit, thanks for them & for us.

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