Please Read: Facebook Connection Issues on Empire Avenue! #EAv

Just fresh from the press >>> EAv_Dev Team

“We have now updated Empire Avenue to use the new Facebook version 2 API. However, this may still be an issue for *some* accounts.

a) Are you seeing no posts coming back to Empire Avenue? You can view this by going to your Evaluate page ( and checking under Facebook. Please note, posts are fetched periodically, please wait 12-24 hours before concluding posts are not being fetched to be safe.

– The fix for this is likely to RESET your Facebook Connection. To be sure that your connection has been Reset, go to your application settings ON FACEBOOK and remove the Empire Avenue connection. Come back to Empire Avenue and reconnect Facebook. Please note, it would be a good idea to remain logged into Empire Avenue in one tab when you do this.

b) You are only seeing some of your posts coming through.

– Facebook is very strict with these changes to only allow third party apps to see posts based on privacy settings. We are not sure what settings per person affects what is shared via the API for your Feed. However if only some posts are coming through it is likely that Empire Avenue does not have permission to fetch some posts.

Please remember in ALL cases we fetch your “Feed” and only items which are posted by your Facebook User ID.


Just to let you know!!





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10 Responses to Please Read: Facebook Connection Issues on Empire Avenue! #EAv

  1. Seems like that worked! Thanks

  2. Kamal says:

    Thank you Gerrit

  3. DES Daughter says:

    I don’t think my stuff was affected at all…
    But do you recommend to still disconnect and reconnect anyway?

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