Valentines Day Friendship Gifts

Empire Kred

Between now and February 17th, Empire Avenue is giving you the ability to give Secret Friendship Valentine gifts (each worth 100,000e).

If you would like to give a Secret Valentines gift you can purchase 25 Valentine Friendship Gifts by Rudiger in the Shop

Show your friendship between February 11th and February 17th. Buy 25 Valentines and give them to whomever you please! Each Valentine will give a gift of 100,000e to the person. You can buy as many Valentines as you wish to give. You may only give one Valentine to any specific person! To give a Valentine, click the red Valentine button on any person’s profile! Your home page will always list how many gifts you have. Gifts not used by February 17th will be forfeited.

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  2. kerlund74 says:

    Great information:-)

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