It’s time to ‘Take a Vacation’ on EA!

After about 2.5 year constantly active on the Avenue, it’s time to take a vacation!

vacation mode1

I really need some time to ‘Helicopter view’ .

Last couple of month, I had less fun on the Avenue, especially because of the ‘negative changes’ by the Empire Avenue Team.

Yesterday,  the EA team tested the upcoming Change:

‘Maximum Concurrent Missions = 1 for non premium accounts ‘

Check the discussion on Empire Avenue General Discussion

Check the last updated Subscrition Plan

>>> If that change is really done and announced by the EA Staff, I forsee, a lot of people will quit the Avenue..

Yesterday, I really thought to quit the Avenue, but decided after a good night sleep (and good advice from 2 good friends on the Avenue) , to take a distance by activating the Vacation Mode for a month.

During this period: 

  • I am will not be able to buy and sell shares in others
  • Others will be able to buy and sell me which will affect my share price
  • I will pay dividends based on my last average dividend by meaning 4.10e/share during my vacation period
  • I will continue to receive Dividends from others

Around  5 March >>>> I WILL BE BACK INN 🙂

During this Vacation period on EA,  I will be active on my Social Media for Sure, Check in the right upper corner of this blog, where you can find me!

Cheers and See Ya,



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19 Responses to It’s time to ‘Take a Vacation’ on EA!

  1. kamalito says:

    Enjoy the mojitos Gerrit 🙂

  2. mike says:

    You are one of the reasons I have stayed playing… Geez very disappointing..enjoy your time off, please don’t just quit leave an upstate 1st at least.

  3. Enjoy your vacation Gerrit!

  4. jimwirshing says:

    I hope that your sabbatical will be refreshing, Gerrit. Cheers, Mate.

  5. tumorwarrior says:

    Wow. I’m not sure which is more surprising, the mission limit or your sabbatical. I hope that you come back refreshed and EA gets their head straight

  6. Enjoy your time away.
    I too feel many will abandon the platform.
    Hopefully I’ll be here myself when you return in March.

  7. eavdailytips says:

    Thanks my friend, I will be return in March on they Avenue and hope to see then too 😉

  8. Thank you Gerrit! You make this a much more fun place to play. Have a great vacation. I think you are correct in assuming people will quit if you can only have one mission running unless premium. I have conditions for both satisfaction and dissatisfaction. I’ll be here when you get back.. unless I take a long vacation as well.

  9. The EA team has not made the premium sticker valid for many of us. Now reducing missions to 1 just flies into the face of those of us who have helped to build the brand. This is not a well thought out strategy. I agree that many will quit. I have not had as much fun in the past year. They are struggling in the wind. Have a good vacation.

  10. DES Daughter says:

    Kind of weird what happened yesterday, I wonder if this was a kind of test for EA to see how much feedback they would get reasonably quickly… It becomes certainly hard for us to enjoy EA benefits for free, all their focus seem to be on premium accounts. However about the missions, I think the main issue is the completion rate which is now absolutely ridiculous… so, somehow, I am not sure that having few active missions altogether would change much, since anyway only one shows on the front page, and people are not even supposed to do their best anymore when completing them; clicking the link is doing the job as far as EA is concerned… Perhaps the real questions are – what is the point now to have a fortune in eaves, what will we do with them?… – apart for the EA players, does it have any value to reach a certain SP, does it help in any way for anything? – if most of the fun goes out, and new entries are limited to a tiny bunch, does it still worth for us to spend the time we do…. Perhaps your vacation break will give you some answers 🙂 Take care xxx

  11. Reblogged this on salesgamechanger and commented:
    hmmm. one of many?

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