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Empire Kred

ImageHey Empire Avenue Nick the Intern here, and today I’m thinking about display advertising online. I’m not clicking any banner ads, and I figured out how to avoid pop up advertisements shortly after they started relying on obnoxious audio cues, but I am thinking about it, and wondering how effective it really is.

I recently stumbled on this article “10 Horrifying Stats About Display Advertising”, and the stats taken at face value are indeed shocking. One of those horrifying stats is that you are more likely to crash in a plane and survive than click on a display ad in a given day… considering I haven’t clicked on a display advert on purpose in a very long time, maybe that’s not too far off the mark! Some commenters disagree on the validity of the article and have come to the defense of display advertising making claims surrounding increased…

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25 years ICT knowledge as technician, manager, sales, enterpreneur. Last year turned a complete other (social)direction to support Asylum seekers around the world. Very interested in the new social media environments and love to network. Start to promote your business through my social media network at http://www.promote4you.eu
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