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parker_ln_nb_at_sutherland_dr_02 (1)Empire Avenue is making a ton of changes here recently.  I highlighted many of the admirable changes a few days ago with this post.  In general, things seem to be improving.  I heard a bit of concern about losing the savings feature, but that didn’t seem too major.  I did hear and subsequently notice a change that caused me a bit more concern.  EA has changed the way the block feature works with little or no notice.

When you click Block on a profile, this dialogue appears:

Are you sure you wish to block (e)TICKER?

If you do, you will no longer see content created by TICKER and they will not be able to interact with you! Blocking also automatically sells shares and blocks this profile.
While this dialogue remains, it is currently inaccurate.  In the Groups of Empire Avenue, blocked players can see each others’ posts and otherwise…

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