Select stocks on the time of your last buy or sell transaction | insideEAv

Update Dr Dennis Tool InsideEAv:

“Sometimes you already finished your daily round of buying and suddenly there is more Eaves to spend. You do not want to buy the same stocks again after having them bought just an hour ago; nevertheless, you want to base your investment on the same criteria. Thus, you basically want to run the same stock selection query as before but you want to exclude the stocks that you just bought. As of today you can do that!”

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4 Responses to Select stocks on the time of your last buy or sell transaction | insideEAv

  1. Hi Gerrit, Is the tool as accurate as the one you developed? Since I don’t have MS Access, I cant try your tool to find out “who sold me”.

    • eavdailytips says:

      Denni’s tool can’t give you the information: ‘Who sold you share’s’.. Why? Simply it works with current live data! To see who sold you, you have to compare with older data? I’m still working on an APP beside’s my access little tool

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